In the beginning there was the Badoon.

I decided to do an issue by issue look at the Guardians of the Galaxy. Starting with their first appearance and on until either real life or a better idea get in the way. Some of you will know some of these comics, some of you won’t and herein lies the fun.

The Guardians first appeared in Marvel Superheroes 18 in 1968 in a short opening story of the comic which was an anthology. They next appeared in a number of guest spots in other titles from 1974 until 1980 and then got their own title in 1990. I first noticed this title at issue 2 and 3 and then collected it religiously until it’s cancellation at issue 62 in 1995. This was one of the more obscure titles of the time and often mentioned or looked back on. But for me these future Avengers (if you look, there do have analogues to the Avengers, there’s the man out of time, the huge fighter, an archer and the scientist/engineer, even the second set of members had a character with parallels to the vision) with their outer space adventures seemed so much fun.

So when I was thinking about doing a blog, I was reminded of the advice write what you know and the Guardians just came to mind. So here’s how it’s going to go, whenever I get the chance I will review and discuss an issue in which the Guardian’s of the Galaxy appear, in order of appearance.

I hope you bear with me, because I am making this ‘stuff’ up as I go along, any comments, critiques or dirty jokes are appreciated.

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