Marvel Presents 7

Marvel Presents 7 was cover dated November 1976 and went on sale in July 1976, sharing the spinner tracks with Action Comics# 484, Avengers #152, Green Lantern # 91, Iron Man #91 Isis# 1 and The Man called Nova #2.

Marvel Presents 007-00 Marvel Presents 007-01

Embrace the Void was written by Steve Gerber and Al Migrom and Bob Wiacek were the art team. The story opens with Star Hawk leading the Guardians to a convent seen in the last issue, where another reptile race are praying. The odd thing here is that their form of prayer is accessing a latent part of the brain and burning themselves. Starhawk informs Nikki that to stop Karanada and save the galaxy she needs to enter this flame state. To be honest, she’s less than thrilled. Back of the Captain America, Vance Astro faces off against a piece of the Topographical Man shaped to look like himself when he was younger and the two face off in a battle for Vance’s life force.

Marvel Presents 007-03 Marvel Presents 007-04

Vance wins, but wakes in the other him and not his foil suited self. There is then a cut away to a deserted space station, with a building and some farm land inside, this is the same place where Starhawk visited his three children. The station is a shambles, having clearly been attacked. Aleta, the woman sharing Starhawk’s body can only weep from her computer screen before it too succumbs. Nikki is being prepared to attaining her flame state when Starhawk runs out of the room, in pain and demands no one follow him. Martinex decides to follow him. As Nikki starts to become flame, Martinex catches up to Starhawk, who immediately changes into Aleta, who informs Martinex that the body is her’s and that the Reavers of Arcturus have murdered her children who were abandoned by Starhawk.

Marvel Presents 007-11aMarvel Presents 007-11b

On the ship Vance begins to absorb the ship’s energy and is then recalled back to the Topographical Man’s body, whilst Nikki achieves the flame state and her spirit leaves her body and ascends into space.

Marvel Presents 007-13Marvel Presents 007-14

Vance awakes inside the body of the Topographical Man and Nikki’s spirit meets up with him and they embrace, the surface of his body, things are becoming unstable.

Marvel Presents 007-15Marvel Presents 007-18


The two embrace as the Guardians return to the ship, to discover the shape of Karanada as the Topographical Man, just before he is destroyed in act of love ending the threat of Karanada once and for all.

In the aftermath, a new star is born and  Nikki and Vance awaken in their own bodies, changed by the experience, with Vance being particularly affected.

Marvel Presents 007-19

Notes: This made no sense when I first read it. not too sure whether that has changed. In order to destroy Karanada, Vance had to possess it to have sex with the soul of the teenager on the crew? That was the story? It had interesting moments and now the Starhawk subplot has come to the fore: Next time: The Reavers of Arcturus


One thought on “Marvel Presents 7

  1. Vance had to possess it to have sex with the soul of the teenager on the crew?

    -Is it any worse than doing your sister? lol

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