Marvel Presents 8

Marvel Presents #8 was cover dated December 1976 and was on sale in September 1976, sharing the spinner racks with Action Comics #466, Fantastic Four #177, Green Lantern #92, The Man called Nova #4, Rag Man #3 and Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man 1.

Marvel Presents 008-00fcMarvel Presents 008-01
The Story was written by Roger Stern and pencilled by Al Milgrom and opens with Martinex and Charlie-27 doing some EVA to collect a Badoon device from outside the Captain America. They bring it aboard and discover it to b e a mento-recorder which recorded the first attempt by the Badoon to conquer Earth in the 1970’s. The team being curious gather to watch it.
The recording is actually a reprint of Silver Surfer #2 written and drawn by Stan Lee and John Buscema. In this tale, the surfer Is flying around the world and discovers a spaceship hidden from detection. He approaches and boards the ship and is greeted by an alien race calling themselves the Badoon.

Marvel Presents 008-04 Marvel Presents 008-06


The Badoon claim to be benevolent and describe a plan to elevate humanity, but the timely escape of a woman held prisoner cause the surfer to attack the Badoon. In order to meet this threat the Badoon unleash the Monster of the Badoon. The surfer battles the monster, but as only he can see the Badoon it appears he is blasting randomly, attacking the city below. The army is called and the surfer is fire upon, this catches the Badoon in the crossfire. The Badoon fearing they are discovered depart, but they vow to return.

Marvel Presents 008-10Marvel Presents 008-16
After seeing all this, Vance loses his temper and storms off, decrying the short sightedness of the planet and time he came from.

Marvel Presents 008-17
Notes: This is a reprint from a silver age story and is used as a fill-in story, if you haven’t read it, it’s a lovely treat, if you have it’s a clear reprint fill-in. As a Guardians story it falls flat, but as a Silver Surfer story it’s great, full of the wonder that made the silver age shine. The Badoon showing patience shows this older story tying into the Guardian’s history and acts as a subtle retcon.

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