I’ve decided to take a little break from the recent Guardians coverage to look at another aspect of my comic fandom, which indirectly led to this blog and has become part of a my entertainment routine.

Podcasts are little internet based radio shows, this am sure is not news to anyone unlucky enough to be reading this, but it’s a form of entertainment I only heard about a couple of years ago. The reason this article is being written today relates to podcasts being more important to me. In February 2013 something happened to me. Those who know me know what that is, those who don’t can ask, but that’s something for another time I think. The thing that happened led me to need to listen to stuff when alone. Podcasts became useful when walking to work and when I couldn’t sleep, which sometimes was quite often.

Here below is a list of for my money the ten best podcasts I’ve found and reasons why or other miscellaneous waffling. I’m not going to put them in any order, just so you know.


Tom Vs Flash


Tom Katers is one of the first podcasters I encountered and still one of the best. Tom Vs JLA and Tom vs The Flash are issue by issue reviews of bronze age justice league and silver age to crisis era Flash. Each episode is one issue and hits between the ten and twenty minute mark. His humourous take on the stories, his manic energy and obvious love for the comics and characters bring the whole thing to life. If you have read this issues, or if not, listen. These episodes are short and punchy, but so worth your while listening to them.


Views from the Longbox


After getting hooked on Tom Vs JLA, I searched for other podcasts of similiar type, listening to one or two led me to promos for others which led to the second podcast I got hooked  on: Views from the Longbox. Views is the brainchild of Michael Bailey a Pennsylvania native living in Georgia. He can be considered by many to be the godfather of comic podcasting, with him starting several podcasts and guesting on so many more. Views is a topic related cast, offering views opinions and commentary on themes, issues, trends and ideas related to comics. Sometimes he’s alone, sometimes he has guests, like Thomas Deja, Andrew Leyland, Rob Kelly, Mike’s wife and the IreDEEMable Shag.

Speaking of Mike’s other podcasts:


Tales of the Justice Society of America


This is a true labour of love it seems. Michael Bailey and Two True Freaks’ Scott Gardner host this great little show. Tales of the Justice Society of America is a sort of issue by issue analysis of the Justice Society and associated characters since the 1970’s revival of All Star Comics. It covers All Star Comics 58-74, the Adventure Comics back up strips and around episode 31 it started looking at the All Star Squadron, a period piece set in the 1940’s of DC’s Earth 2 spotlighting the lesser known golden age heroes like Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle and Shining Knight as well as retconned characters like Firebrand and Commander Steel. The issues are reviewed and then there are tangents and related conversations, e-mails and a look at the adds, the highlight of which are the hostess fruit pies ads. If you don’t love the JSA by the start, you’ll be closer after the first episode.

Two true freaks brings up another couple of podcasts on this list.


Trentus Magnus Punches Reality


Trentus Magnus is the name used by a guy in Texas who has to be listened to, to be believed.  He refers to his listeners as his loyal subjects and he  clearly things a lot of himself and his opinions, but you know what? It works for him. I don’t always agree with what he says, but dammit, it’s fun listening to him saying it. He has series within this series, currently he’s looking at sequels that are unfairly panned and his defense of these films is thought out, reasoned and yet also quite passionate. It’s fun and when you’re looking at entertainment media, fun should always be part of the equation.

Another bit of Two True Freaks goodness is


Hey Kids Comics!


This is a show about a man and his son, reviewing and discussing comics. They often disagree, but it’s always a great listen Michael Leyland is engaging, but it’s his dad Andrew (Occasional Views co-host) who steals the show with his manic energy and fantastic northern humour which he also brings to…


The Fantasticast


The Fantasticast is a issue by issue review of Fantastic Four, it’s characters and their appearances in the silver age of Marvel Comics. The hosts Andrew Leyland and Stephen Lacey host an hour long podcast filled with analysis, review, historical context and taking the p***. Full of running jokes and irreverent humour it drops weekly which is perfectly timed.




X Aspirations is an issue by issue history of the X-Men from the very beginning. That’s from the opening of each episode of this cracking little podcast from Seamus and Candice Colbert. Seamus like myself is a long time X-Fan while his wife is reading these issues as they record each new episode. She asks questions as they read and with features like true comicbook crimes and a history of comics creators and other bits of comic related history this is a great podcast for new and old readers alike. The silliness and fun of the comics are brought to life and it is very funny.

In a similar vein …


Earth’s Mightiest History


This year, I joined facebook, making me several billion late to the party, but through Facebook, I have learned about this final trio of podcasts.

Earth’s Mightiest History is a podcast halfway between X-Aspirations and Fantasticast, Nick and his henchman Shane review several episodes a time. Shane is more familiar whilst Nick is reading these for the first time and asking questions that new readers would ask. Full of in jokes, pop culture references and insights into what it’s like living in a hollowed out volcanic lair, 20 minutes from the archipelago of evil.

Another new podcast has recently been brought to my attention.


Quantum Bands


A Quasar podcast seems like an odd choice, but it is an interesting one that has yet to really find it’s feet. Maybe not one of the best ever, but it’s worth giving it a try to see where it goes.

My final choice would have to be




Resurrections: An Adam Warlock Podcast


A facebook friend of mine recently announced he was starting a podcast about Adam Warlock, a sort of lost character who had his heyday a long time past and as a result is overlooked. This a nice little podcast in the vein of Tales of the Justice Society. Al Sedano looks at the issue, the time it was released, it’s consequence in continuity amongst other things. The reason I put this one last is that it was the trifecta of his encouragement, my wife’s and someone else’s advice about writing stuff down that made this blog possible.

Maybe I’ll do my own podcast down the road, who knows, but I just wanted to share this stuff with you, whoever reads this and suggest you try some of these podcasts, give them a try and who knows what you might get out of it.

Ta ta for now.

I’ll be back soon with the next Guardians appearance.



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