Marvel Presents 10

Marvel Presents 10 was cover dated April 1977 and was on sale in January 1977, sharing the spinner racks with Action Comics #470, Avengers #158, Black Lightning #1, Fantastic Four #181, Justice League of America #141 and X-Men #104.

010MarvelPresents-00 010MarvelPresents-01

Deathbird Rising was written by Roger Stern and pencilled by Al Milgrom and the action is picked up from the last issue with the Captain America boarded by three reavers, one of them being a bare-chested barbarian with one hand replaced by a mace. The mace wielding reaver heads straigh for Charlie-27 and the other two attack the rest of the team. Nikki fights one of the reavers, both firing wildly, with one shot damaging equipment and cancelled out the artifical gravity. Vance takes on the other with his psychokinesis and being more used to zero gravity combat makes short work of his opponent Brutag.


Once this melee has ended, Martinex notes that the attackers are quite antiquated androids, perhaps over a thousand years old. While that bit of news sinks in, Vance notices that Starhawk has gone.

The scene then shifts to a room, presumably one of the Arcturan Reaver ships, where Ogord sits and watches Starhawk fly off and re-iterates his desire to use his grandchildren for his revenge.


A flashback then takes us back 1,000 years to the temple of the Hawkgod, discovered by Stakar and Aleta in issue 9. Stakar has spent a week exploring the temple while Aleta watches him, irritated and yet somehow facinated by her ‘brother’. Aleta spots a squad of reavers and runs to Stakar telling him they need to go. Angered by his facination with the technology in the temple and the information it all holds. Aleta grabs the helmet in Stakar’s hand and slams it into the ground and in a flash of light, her body is converted to energy.

010MarvelPresents-08 010MarvelPresents-10

This energy jumps into the giant metal Hawkgod statue, which then seems to come alive and tells Stakar that it’s Aleta in there and that she needs to be free. It flies from the temple and is spotted by the reavers, who send everything they have after this huge threat. Stakar steals a flier and heads after Aleta who is losing control of the power of the Hawkgod. Their minds merge and the result is a ‘multinuclear’ explosion, followed immediately by an implosion. All that remains is Stakar who is greeted by a furious Ogord, then physically transforms into Aleta and then finally into the familiar form of Starhawk. Starhawk notifies Ogord that the power of Starhawk is not to be used to conquer and he departs. Ogord vows his revenge.

010MarvelPresents-13 010MarvelPresents-14

010MarvelPresents-15 010MarvelPresents-16

After this flashback Ogord demands that the radiation bath of the Captain America to be increased to the ultimate and the ship is disintegrated.


Notes:  A better issue than the last few with an action packed opening scene and the meat of Starhawk’s origin. The long lived nature of the Arcuturans make this an interesting thing to think of, what was Starhawk doing for 1,000 years? Putting a human face on Starhawk makes him no less a distant and off putting character and his cold dismissal of Ogord’s plans set the ball rolling for this vengeance filled story which is about to come to a dramatic end.



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