Marvel Team Up 86

Marvel Team-Up 86 was cover dated October 1979 and was on sale July 1979, sharing the spinner racks with Action Comics #500, Avengers Annual #9, Justice League of America #171, Machine Man #11, Time Warp #1 and What If? #17.

MarvelTeam-Up086-00fc MarvelTeam-Up086-01

Story of the Year was written by Chris Claremont and pencilled by Bob McLeod and opened with the books lead character Spider-Man climbing the DRC building, the DRC once being run by the supervillain Moses Magnum and is now still quite a shady operation. The DRC are planning something and that rumour has reached the street so Spider-Man is checking it out. Inside, also checking that rumour out is Lawrence Whittier Reynolds III or Rap to his few friends. Rap is in mission control for DRC’s space shot to a familiar space station, Drydock. He turns and catches Martinex of the Guardians of the Galaxy hiding in the corner of the room.

MarvelTeam-Up086-03 MarvelTeam-Up086-04

Alarms ring out and Martinex escapes the building and meets up with Nikki and Starhawk who were awaiting him on the roof. Martinex confirms that the DRC are using stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. files to locate Drydock, but he was seen by another intruder. The other intruder, Rap, climbs a rope down the DRC building with his film of the DRC’s mission control, footage of Drydock and of Martinex. Nikki chases after Rap, but Rap is caught by a DRC security guard Johnny Anvil. Anvil is about to do Rap some harm when Spider-Man arrives and webs Anvil to the wall. While Spider-Man checks Rap is unhurt, Nikki takes the footage and makes her escape in  a taxi.




Spider-Man captures Nikki and brings her  back to the rooftop, amazed at her fiery appearance. Before he can get the tape off her, Starhawk arrives and a brief fight ensues, ended by Martinex producing his Avengers ID. The three Guardians bring Spider-Man up to date Spider-Man decides to back off and let them do what they’re doing.  He is swinging towards home when he is attacked by Johnny Anvil and his partner Hammer Jackson, who are using an energy synthecon strapped to their wrists to enhance their strength. Caught by surprise, Spider-Man is overwhelmed and knocked unconscious.

MarvelTeam-Up086-09 MarvelTeam-Up086-10

MarvelTeam-Up086-12b MarvelTeam-Up086-12

Spider-Man awakes in shackles being questioned by the DRC and Hammer & Anvil. Just before anything happens, the wall is broken through and Martinex, Nikki and Starhawk crash in and start firing. Nikki, while being tripped, still manages to shoot through Spider-Man’s shackles, freeing the webslinger. The four take on Hammer & Anvil and after breaking the energy synthecon beat the pair and the Guardians of the Galaxy erase the stolen files and recent memories from the involved DRC members.


MarvelTeam-Up086-16 MarvelTeam-Up086-16b

The Guardians have destroyed all of the evidence of their presence and plan to move Drydock to another orbit  to avoid further detection.  The three Guardians get into their shuttle ( WHERE WAS THAT HIDDEN?) and fly off from the roof. Rap the journalist from earlier in the story returns and tries to take pictures and Spider-Man takes his camera and destroys the film.  He also destroys his own mini-camera film and then swings off after webbing up Rap’s mouth to end his tirade.


Notes: Not a bad issue, Claremont tells a good story based on a plot by Allyn Brodsky and McLeod’s 70’s Marvel house-style is pleasant enough. It’s a bit of a fill in story really could have been the last 20th Century appearance of the Guardians, but there’s still a few more to go.


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