Marvel TWo-In-One 61

Marvel Two-in-One #61 was cover dated March 1980 and went on sale December 1979, sharing the spinner racks with Brave & the Bold #160, Fantastic Four #216, Flash #283, King Conan #1, Legion of Superheroes #261 and Rom Spaceknight #4.

MarvelTwo-in-One061-00fc MarvelTwo-in-One061-01

The coming of Her! was written by Mark Gruenwald and drawn by Jerry Bingham and opens with a slightly larger than human sized coccoon being pulled from the river by some workmen.  They examine it as it’s lying on the ground, then it begins to glow. It’s slit down the middle and a glowing figure emerges from the coccoon. This figure flies off into New York.


In a fancy restaurant Benjamin J Grimm (A.K.A. The Thing) is out having a nice romantic dinner with Alicia Masters when the flying figure crashing through the skylight and lands facing Ben and Alicia.


Ben reacts as he also does with a cry of “It’s Clobbering Time!” and is promptly blasted across the room by this being, departs with Alicia. The two of them land in a park and the strange golden woman gives her origin to Alicia. She was created by a trio of scientists, but went into her coccoon after ending the plans of those scientists. Whilst in her coccoon, she learns of another being like her, Him, who by this point was being called Adam Warlock. She decides that  her destiny is to mate with him and produce a perfect race. She took Alicia, since Alicia was one of the first people to meet Warlock, but Alicia points out that she hasn’t heard anything about him in months.


Ben arrives at the Baxter Building and tries to contact anyone who can help  him and as he is doing so, is approached by Starhawk. Starhawk explains that his team, the Guardians of the Galaxy were preparing to leave the 20th Century when he sensed a powerful disruption in spacetime. Fearing it to be the return of Michael Korvac and asks that Ben cease his attempts to find Alicia, for then Starhawk can find her instead. Ben listens and agrees as long as he is taken along.


In the park, the golden woman and Alicia are joined by the former Avenger, Moondragon. Moondragon points out that she has information that the golden woman  needs. She points out that Adam Warlock was killed by the mad titan Thanos and his body is buried on counter earth. The golden woman, Her, claims that for them, death is not quite the same thing and needs to see Warlock’s body.  Her offers to take Alicia home, but Alicia feels this is important and wants to come along, suggesting that Ben is informed.

MarvelTwo-in-One061-12b MarvelTwo-in-One061-12


But by that point, Ben & Starhawk arrive in the sky above the partk. Her requests that Moondragon get her ship, while she attacks Starhawk & Ben. Ben is quickly dispatched, Starhawk gets close to Her and for Ben’s sake asks Her to release Alicia. She does this, long enough to blast Starhawk at close range and send him into the nearby river.



Ben is about to throw a concrete post at the ship, but realises that Alicia could be hurt and before he can come up with a plan B, he realises that Starhawk hasn’t surfaced from the water. He dives in and brings the unconscious Starhawk up onto dry land. Starhawk awakens and the two heroes vow to follow Her and get Alicia back.

Notes: I’ve always had a soft spot for Marvel Two in One and this is one of the better issues, the connection to Adam Warlock is a pleasant one and leads into the next two issues which are a fun read. The only other thing to note is that if you want to know more about Him/Adam Warlock and the trio of scientists, check out It’s a podcast by a guy called Al Sedano and is a look back at the history of Him and is very entertaining.

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