Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1) 10

Guardians of the Galaxy 10 was cover dated March 1991 and was on sale January 1991, sharing the spinner racks with Angel & Ape #1, Captain America #383, Challengers of the Unknown #1, Darkhawk #1, Superman # 53 and Uncanny X-Men #274.

Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_10_00c                                                                                         Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_10_02  Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_10_03

Tell them the Overmen are Here was written, drawn and inked by the usual suspects and opens with a bit of a recap of the last issues events. As the call for surrender ends, the girl in pink from the last issue appears before Giraud. He identifies her as Replica. She wears a pink all in one costume with a sort of ankh looking pendant. Charlie-27 tells Giraud to get the populace to the town square and the urge them on he announces that the prophesied Overmen are here.


Word spreads and in a lot of places, the same ankh-like symbol is seen. It is also the same sign used in the massacre, whose aftermath was seen by Starhawk several issues ago. Around here there is a scene change, with Starhawk being back on Mainframe’s world, making preparations to contain something that  Starhawk means to unleash, the term psionic dampeners are used.


The mutants notice the disturbance building in the square and their first response it to deploy a battle sphere, which is a flying ball with guns coming out, to start massacring the crowd. Using Bear’s gun from previous issue, Charlie fires back. The gun’s recoil rather unceremoniously, knocks him on his bum. Blaster and Batwing exit the ship and also attack the crowd. Giraud fires on Blaster, killing him. Batwing is horrified, giving Charlie the chance to anchor himself and fire again. The fire drawn towards Charlie-27, the rest of the team splits even further. Replica changes into a bug and flies off to free the captured Guardians, Starhawk takes Giraud somewhere else entirely and Vance takes Nikki to storm Rancor’s tower.


The scene shifts to a Stark world where the High Sister greets TSFKAT (The Stark Formerly Known As Taserface) and declares him one of the most powerful of the Stark and owner of a new name ‘Overkill’. His new gold and red armour is revealed and a reckoning is promised.

Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_10_08                                                                              Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_10_15 Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_10_16a

Vance leads the humans almost uncontested into the tower, while Replica frees Aleta, Yondu and Martinex, where we learn that she is only 13. Only for all those in the tower for face Rancor.

Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_10_09    Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_10_10

The scene shifts to the Volcano again, this time Starhawk is only the observer and Giraud is talking to the disembodied voice, now wearing a glowing form much like Giraud’s. The glowing figure seems to be asking Giraud to make some kind of sacrifice, or making sure that Giraud knows what he is giving up.

Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_10_16a  Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_10_16b

At the tower, Rancor, Shaddo and Blockade are fighting the attacking Guardians and look to be winning, until there is a massive burst of light in the distance and out of her window Rancor can see a familiar shape to many a Marvel fan, a huge bird silhouette composed entirely of flame. The Phoenix has returned.

Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_10_21               Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_10_22

Notes: This is a solid little middle part issue, setting up the rising action, leading to a cliff-hanger before the conclusion.

The Stark subplot is moved forward and we’re introduced to Overkill. While very 90’s, it’s a lot better than Taserface, I think we can all agree.

The ankh-like symbol is becoming more and more noticeable and it looks to have been outlawed on Haven before now.

Replica is clearly pointed out to not be a mutant and her very presence seems to upset or offend Nikki.

The massacre in the square seems to remind Nikki of watching her people on Mercury killed by the Badoon, a reminder of the harsh upbringing she had.

Next ish: The Phoenix has returned, that’s almost never a good sign.

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