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Hello again all and sundry.

Once again am taking a little break from my ongoing Guardians coverage to do a special one.

Two points to go through today.

The Original Guardians of the Galaxy have Returned


Guardians 3000 was released this month. Written by Abnett & Lanning, who re-wrote the book on how to do Marvel Cosmic and drawn by Gerardo Sandoval, it’s a promising issue one and anyone reading this blog could do worse than checking it out.


Earlier this year, I did an post on podcasts. This was seemingly well received and I realised that there’s at least half a dozen podcasts that were not listed, mostly because I hadn’t heard them yet. Some of these are new, some are less so, but I’ve enjoyed each of these recently.

From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast



We have the inevitable return of the Godfather of comic related podcasting, Mr Michael Bailey. From Crisis to Crisis as the name suggests is a look at the 20 or so year period between Man of Steel #1 in 1986 to Adventures of Superman #469 in 2006. That sweet spot between Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis, where I myself first started reading Superman. I am so very far behind on this podcast, but am really enjoying the synopsis and commentary from Mr Bailey and his Co-host Jeffrey Taylor. It’s one for the long-haul, but it is definitely worth a look if you’re a fan of the Man of Tomorrow.


Two True Freaks present: The Hammer Podcast



This is the brainchild of Gene Hendricks, who along with others including Dr Bill Henderson, takes an irreverent look at comics and TV. Some episodes are Legends of the Super Heroes, which is a fond look at comic related TV and Film. The Batman episode was particularly good.


Two True Freaks present: Anime Freaks



Another Two True Freaks podcast and another Gene Hendricks and Dr Bill Robinson podcast. This one dealing with anime shows, so far they’ve look only at Starblazers, the American translation of Space Battleship Yamoto. They talk intelligently and fondly, but there’s lots of comical picking at it as well.

While we’re at Two True Freaks…

Two True Freaks present: Palace of Glittering Delights



Palace is a spin off show from Hey Kids Comics in which Andrew Leyland takes centre stage to discuss television of yesteryear. Again its full of the usual insight and humorous commentary and is a great companion show to Hey Kids Comics.

Andrew Leyland takes us to.

Two True Freaks present: Listen to the Prophets



Listen to the prophets is an episode by episode retrospective of Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Often seen as the lesser member of the Trek family, I have long been of the opinion that it was the better show overall. If you are also of the opinion that DS9 was under-rated, then this is the podcast to you. Andrew Leyland, Paul Spattaro and Shaun Engle walk you through each episode and reveal both the good and bad.

Shaun Engle takes us to.

Parallel Lines: A Tangent Comics Podcast.



Parallel Lines is the work of Michael Bradley and Shaun Engle who look at the brief run of Tangent Comics published by DC Comics in 1997 and 1998. Here names were used from the mainstream DC Universe, but in different contexts for radically different stories and ideas. The Flash isn’t a guy in a red suit, it’s a teenage girl made of light. Green Lantern isn’t a space cop, she’s the host of a house of mystery style anthology comic about a person’s return from the grave for more thing to do before rest and so on. It’s a variation on what happened at the start of the silver age, where the name was used, but little else. The comics are interesting and all fit within this Tangent universe and Mike and Shaun are good guides to this new and different spin on DC comics.

Crisis on Infinite Mid-lives



Crisis on Infinite Mid-lives is a husband and wife podcast, which is just two people (often a bit merry) talking about comics and comic related topics. Sometimes it’s insightful, occasionally a bit crude, but mostly it’s hilarious, sometimes it’s just the episode titles.

Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men



Because it’s about time somebody did.

This is my favourite podcast discovery of the year for three reasons. 1: I have been and always shall be a massive X-Men fan. 2:  It’s f***ing hilarious, just the opening section alone. 3: I listen to this with my awesome wife. While me and my lady enjoy the same TV most of the time and most of the same films, her interest in comics is peripheral at best and her interest in comics fandom/podcasts are pretty much none existent. I got her to try it and we’ve been listening to it together since. It’s a great podcast for the long time died in the wool types like me, but also is fairly accessible to someone without that background. It points out the good and bad of X-Men and let’s be honest here boys and girls, there’s a hell of a lot of both.


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