Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1) 34

Guardians of the Galaxy 34 was cover dated March 1993 and was on sale in January 1993, sharing the spinner racks with Action Comics #686, Amazing Spider-Man #375, Death: The High Cost of Living #1, Fantastic Four Unlimited #1, Justice League America #72 and Secret Defenders #1.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-00c Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-01

A Hitchhiker’s guide to the Guardians of the Galaxy was written by Michael Gallagher, pencilled by Kevin West and inked by Steve Montano and opens with Charlie-27 choking on some blood in his throat which has congealed. Nikki standing beside him can only panic until the female Yellowjacket, last seen in issue 29 offers to help. She shrinks down to ant/yellowjacket size and flies into Charlie’s open mouth and dislodges the clot with a energy blast from her stingers.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-02 Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-04

She returns to regular size as Martinex, the former Guardian leader notifies her that he and the Galactic Guardians are enroute and ready to help any way needed. Vance and Aleta are still kissing from the last issue and the weird energy on the starboard hull from last issue has now grown a smoking face.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-05 Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-08

On Earth, Dr Doom uses Realitee-Vee to control the slaves brought there by Rancor and her people to finishing repair the Realitee-Vee refinery. Under the RTV control they will work themselves to death. When MindScan asks “We’ve imported thousands of labourers, what happens when they die?”

“Then you shall bring me thousands more.” Even Rancor is suprised by this cold bloodedness.

On Drydock, Rita DeMara (Yellowjacket II) is commissioned as a Guardian of the Galaxy, just as the ship is attacked by some unknown force.  The Galactic Guardians whilst flying to Drydock’s location see a section of space decaying through some unknown means. There’s then a quick recap of the events of issues 30-32, where Vance mentions that he passed through the Dark Dimension. This sets alarm bells off with Talon who rushes off to contact his former mentor, Krugarr, the sorcerer supreme.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-09 Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-10

Drydock is circled by the seven rings of Ragadoor, Aleta/Starhawk dissolves the rings, but Talon already knows they’re in great danger and Krugarr is ambushed before he can assist.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-13 Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-15

Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-18 Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-19


On Earth, Doom and Rancor meet, whilst Doom is looking at the Moon, trying to find the Inhumans. He is stumped by the fact they remain hidden, but we are shown that this is by someone else’s design and soon this person will have their revenge, on who and why we’ll just have to wait.

Back on Drydock, the nameless threat announces himself. The Guardians of the Galaxy now face The Dread Dormammu.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-21 Guardians Of The Galaxy 34-22

Notes: Well that was different. Most of the Guardians’ threats have been scientific in origin. They’ve dealt with aliens and their technology/powers and so on and less with any mystical threats and the first one they come across is Dormammu?

West’s art is well established now as the look  of the title and his design of the characters is looking better.

It’s nice to see Martinex back, as well as the Galactic Guardians and the decaying space plot will materialise next issue.

The Doom/Rancor moments are really enjoyable in a Game of Thrones sort of way, both need each other for the moment and respect one another, but very eager also to kill one another. They are also both supremely confident, giving the scenes an added edge of scenery chewing. The Inhumans subplot hinted at before and started here will go one for several months, but is a welcome addition and will also flesh out the origin of Talon when we get to it.

Gallagher was more keen as a writer to continue with Talon’s mystical side. In each issue he either does something magic related or makes reference to magic.

Yellowjacket is a welcome addition to the team, giving the character something to do and once again connecting the title with Marvel’s present.

I liked this issue and reading them one by one am getting more out of them, unlike a lot of more recent comics runs.

Next Time: We take a break from this story to see what the Galactic Guardians are getting up to.


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