Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1) 48

Guardians of the Galaxy 48 was cover dated May 1994 and was on sale March 1994, sharing the spinner racks with Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix #1, Damage #1, Kindred #1, Magnus Robot Figher/Nexus #1, The Ray #1 and X-Men: The Early Years #1.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-00 Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-02

It ain’t over till it’s Overkill, was written by Michael Gallagher with art by Kevin West and Steve Montano and opens with Overkill standing over Hollywood, who is standing up to face him. After a brief tussle, Hollywood is given Overkill’s origin, history with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the tale ends with Overkill showing that his armour has been augmented and Hollywood is pushed back with the sheer fire-power of Overkill.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-07Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-08


What follows is an epic fight, the armoured Stark against the Ionically powered, but unarmed Earthling. The battle is brutal and unforgiving.

Meanwhile the two Starhawks fly through the Scar of Eternity and appear in the abstract realm before the Arcturian Hawkgod, Eternity, the Celestial and the Living Tribunal. While they are distracted by this sudden arrival, the Beyonder and the Protege plan their next move, with the Protege becoming more powerful and more arrogant.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-12Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-13

Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-14Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-15

Meanwhile in the Beyonder’s universe, Mephisto and Malevolence amuse themselves by battling the Guardians of the Galaxy. Mephisto is interested by Talon’s amulet, when Talon uses it to teleport the Guardians away, to who knows where.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-16 Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-17

While this is going on, Hollywood and Overkill continue their fight, then Overkill mentions the War of the Worlds and Wonderman’s absence from the final days. Full of rage, Hollywood presses forward and brings Overkill to his knees. Realising he is lost, his cannons lost and his hand crushed, Overkill activates his self destruct, hoping to take Hollywood and a number of nearby planets with him. The blast is tremendous and in the end, Hollywood flies free, determined once again to find Doom.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-18 Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-19

Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-21 Guardians Of The Galaxy 48-22


Notes: Most of this issue was a fight scene. To be honest it was a good fight scene, but it doesn’t leave you with many things to say. The scenes with the Guardians are a little superfluous, really just marking time till issues 49 & 50, so the main focus of the issue is Overkill and his unsuccessful attempt to kill Hollywood.

As a sometime Avenger, Wonderman hasn’t always had many great moments in the spotlight, even his solo series focused more on him being an wannabe actor and not a prominent superhero, so this issue did something, it made him a 1,000 years into the future a bad-ass.

Hollywood’s reaction to the legacy of Tony Stark was well handled and it was a fitting way to put a bit of a full stop on the Stark story.

Next time: Back to the main story, the Beyonder, the Protege and more.




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