Galactic Guardians 1 of 4

This post is dedicated to my long suffering wife, the Mighty Rosie, without my usual method of scanning pages in, she stepped into help. Thanks love. Now on with the silly stuff. Galactic Guardians 1 was cover dated July 1994 and was on sale in May 1994, sharing the spinner racks with Adventures of Superman #514, Force Works #1, Legionnaires Annual #1, Quasar #60, Valor #21 and Violator #1.



Amid the Encircling Doom, was written by Michael Gallagher, pencilled by Kevin West and inked by Steve Montano and opens with Martinex, Spirit of Vengeance, Firelord, Phoenix and Replica (in the shape of a butterfly-like insec, rushing towards an emergency alarm sounded by Mainframe. Mainframe warns them that he must take himself offline and asks that the team look after the planet and the people, the former inhabitants of Haven. Phoenix offers to provide the raw power to keep the planet’s systems running. He is installed into the planet’s power supply while Martinex gives the rest of the team their assignments.

_20150719_203117 _20150719_203208


Spirit and Firelord are sent to patrol the planet, while Replica is sent into the machinery of Mainframe to see what’s stopping him from detecting this anomaly, or as Martinex puts it, the intruder.

_20150719_203332 _20150719_205344

Then we see Hollywood return to deal with the snitch who delivered him to Overkill, but is teleported away before he can get anywhere. Inside Mainframe, Replica finds some kind of organism and is told by Martinex to get a sample. Replica really doesn’t want to, but is reminded that the Guardians are not a democracy, he is in charge.

_20150719_205452 _20150719_205544

On Neptune, Hollywood materialises next to Mainframe, once more in the form of the Vision and there is a tense argument between them, that Hollywood quickly turns to violence. It seems that during the War of the Worlds, Vision teleported Simon away to save his life, but cost him the chance to help the rest of Earth’s heroes during their last stand. Vision sent him back immediately, but Simon arrived back on Earth days later due to the light speed limitations of the earlier version of the teleporting machinery of Mainframe’s world. Simon felt he could have made the difference and Vision not believing the same caused their 1,000 year long rift. Vision points out that the origins of the War of Worlds was a mystery, even now. The aliens who launched the attack from Mars had help, now there are leads to this mystery and Simon may be able to forgive, not the Vision, but himself.

_20150719_205645 _20150719_205738

We end the issue on Bifrost, the rainbow bridge to Asgard, where a large blue and grey creature called Silverback is sitting on the bridge, before being challanged by Heimdall. Heimdall is knocked down, but so is Silverback straight after as Woden, son of Thor has arrived.

_20150719_205800 _20150719_205943


Notes: This is not the great first issue it could be. Gallagher doesn’t have the same handle on this cast as he does on the main team. The dialogue as a result comes off as either corny of overly dramatic.

The art is still of a high standard, Hollywood’s new costume design and the character work on other characters is excellent. I particularly enjoyed the different forms of Replica and the organism inside Mainframe.

Martinex jumps to the conclusion of an intruder with no outward signs in this issue until Replica makes her discovery and so his using Replica seems to make no sense at all really.

The Soap Opera level disagreement between Hollywood and Mainframe is really enjoyable and fills in the gaps of their relationship well. Having a brother you don’t speak to for 1,000 years makes no sense without some inciting incident and this makes so much sense.

This Vision is very much the one used in  John Byrne’s run on West Coast Avengers and while I am a fan of that era Byrne, this more logical and cold version of Vision is not particularly very interesting. The machine with a human heart and soul was so much more engaging to me. Not every android needs to be Data from Star Trek.

Bringing in Silverback means a welcome return to Woden, son of Thor and that alone made me want to read the next issue.

NEXT TIME: Issue 2, more action more bad guys and more cool stuff to look at.


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