Galactic Guardians 3 of 4

Galactic Guardians 3 was cover dated September 1994 and was on sale June 1994, sharing the spinner racks with Action Comics Annual #6, The Edge #1, Moonshadow #1, Spider-Man #50, X-O: Manowar #1/2 and Zero Hour 4.



Let him who desires peace prepare for war was written by Michael Gallagher, with Kevin West on pencils and Steve Montano on inks and opens with Spirit of Vengeance battling Hazmat and Martinex battling Ganglian. Martinex is on the run, but Spirit beats Hazmat then leaves, Hazmat is then comforted by a mysterious figure.

GG3Pg02 GG3Pg04

GG3Pg05 GG3Pg06

Vision and Hollywood battle each other to exhaustion under the control of Savant, who leaves with the mysterious figure from before, now shown to be a female humanoid.

GG3Pg08 GG3Pg09

Silverback and Woden finish their battle, with Woden using Mjolnir to cast lightning onto Silverback and the sea creature. Silverback falls and is then berated by this mysterious figure again.

GG3Pg11 GG3Pg12

Meanwhile, Spirit of Vengeance and a rejuvenated Firelord deal quickly with Ganglian. Spirit of Vengeance returns to his mortal form of Minister Wileyadus to take an unconscious Replica back to Med-Lab. Replica wakes and attacks Wileyadus, throwing him from the building in a fit of feverish rage. Hollywood returns to find Wileyadus falling and catches him, then sees him become the Spirit of Vengeance again who retaliates against Replica.


GG3Pg16 GG3Pg18

Mainframe re-establishes control of the planet, thus releasing the Phoenix and once more the Galactic Guardians are together. Martinex ends the in-fighting, just in time for the villains they had defeated to rise up again and join them in Med-Lab, under the command of their leader Ubiquitor.

To be continued….


Notes: This was the point between the 2nd and 3rd act where the hero(es) stand back up and are ready to face their challenges and the stakes are raised again. When they are split up, they are faced with individuals, now back together as a team, they face a team and the architect of this plot (whatever the plot may be) is revealed.

Replica battling Wileyadus makes little sense, she refers to Sarka as a pagan planet, but when we last saw Sarka, at the introduction of the Spirit of Vengeance, they were very much under the control of the Universalites as was Replica. This is explained away as a reflex action, but does take me out of the story a little. Her battling Spirit of Vengeance in his fiery form makes a lot more sense.

Woden battles Silverback and when he beats him, makes sure he doesn’t drown and just flies off, uninterested in the where and whys of it all. It’s a nice reminder that it’s really his experiences with the Avengers that made Thor a super hero, it’s not the Asgardians’ way of thinking and was a nice little touch.

They two teams are back at full strength and it looks like an all out battle is ahead of us. Maybe the questions we have will be answered.

NEXT TIME: The Conclusion.




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