Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1) 60

Guardians of the Galaxy 60 was cover dated May 1995 and was on sale in March 1995, sharing the spinner racks with Captain Johner & the Aliens #1, Gen-13 #1, Ripclaw #1, Superman #100, Tank Girl: the Movie #1 and X-Universe #1.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 60-00 Guardians Of The Galaxy 60-01

What child is this was written by Michael Gallagher, with pencils and inks by Kevin West and Steve Montano and opens with the Quantum Bands confirming Eon’s proclamation that Starhawk is the son of Quasar.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 60-02Guardians Of The Galaxy 60-07

Guardians Of The Galaxy 60-09Guardians Of The Galaxy 60-12

He uses the Bands to find his fathers grave and prepares to leave, but Eon points out that he was only supposed to borrow the Bands, he does have to give them back. Starhawk refuses and is confronted by the Keeper, who wants the Bands back. There is a fierce battle between the two before the Keeper manages to pull the Quantum Bands back to him, sending Starhawk through hyperspace to the Abrogate, the creature that killed Quasar.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 60-13 Guardians Of The Galaxy 60-15

On his way there he encounters the Arcturian Hawkgod who takes great pleasure in torturing him before he appears before the Abrogate, who proceeds to drain the life from him and pull him in to the void within.

Notes: A quick little story, furthering the search for Starhawk’s parents, very much a middle chapter.

The Keeper makes short work of Starhawk who behaves even more out of character this issue, mostly due to the Quantum Bands.

Eon seems a little more sinister than when he was in the Quasar title.

It’s unclear whether the Hawkgod is there, or whether Starhawk is hallucinating.

Wherever Quasar went, Starhawk is there now, following in his father’s footsteps.

Back Up Feature: Homeward Bound starring Yellowjacket.

Homeward bound was written and drawn by Gallagher and Isherwood and opens with a drunk Yellowjacket passed out on a bar on some remote planet. She is captured and brought before Slagg, whom we last saw being beaten up by Hollywood, seems he holds a grudge and wants to take it out on the nearest person in a g-star. He straps Yellowjacket to a chair and removes her Pym Particle launchers expecting this to leave her helpless.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 60-16 Guardians Of The Galaxy 60-17

She has a spare growth pill from her time working with Dr Hank Pym and grows to enormous size and also beats Slagg up. She beats him to a pulp and promises to shrink him to gnat’s size if he doesn’t do him a favour. She wants him to send her to someone who can send her back in time.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 60-20 Guardians Of The Galaxy 60-22

Using this group of time travel specialists, Yellowjacket returns to the 1990’s of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s timeline, so she can be with Hank Pym during the War of the Worlds.

Notes: It was nice to give Yellowjacket a bit of spotlight time, and her facing off against Slagg was one of her better moments.

The fear of heart problems when you grow is getting a bit over done now, but does answer the why not go giant every time question.

In the end she goes back to her own time, if not her own timeline, which raises a question, was Michael Gallagher done with her? Or did he not get to do the things he was trying to do?

Over-all a bit of a lack lustre issue, the title is coming to the end at it’s sad that it’s not more upsetting.


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