The Guardians Of The Galaxy


From 1969 to 1996, they guarded the galaxy. During that time, they did it all, time travel, evil twins, epic losses and victories and high adventure. They travelled to the past, lived in the far future and kicked ass in both. They met everyone from Spider-Man to Adam Warlock, from Quasar to the Thing. They helped the Fantastic Four, worked with the Defenders and at one point joined the Avengers. Their enemies ranged from the Stark to the Badoon, from Dr Doom to Galactus and at one point, the devil himself. They were the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The great advantage they had, by not having their own title for much of their early years, was that they were passed around from creative team to creative team and were worked on by some of the best around.

They were written first by Arnold Drake, but were also written by Chris Claremont, Gerry Conway, Tom DeFalco, Michael Gallagher, Steve Gerber, Mark Gruenwald, Len Kaminski, Ralph Macchio, Ron Marx, David Michelinie, Jim Shooter and Jim Valentino.

Drawn first by the excellent Gene Colan, but he was followed by pencillers Jerry Bingham, Sal Buscema, John Byrne, Howard Chaykin, Colleen Doran, Dale Eaglesham, Don Heck, Ron Lim, Bob McLeod, Al Milgrom, the legend that is George Perez, Mark Texeira, Herb Trimpe, Jim Valentino, Mike Vosburg and Kevin West.

There were from where I sit 5 distinct eras for the Guardians.

1969-1975: The guest star years, their first appearance, the war with the Badoon and adventures with the Defenders.


1976:-1977: The solo adventures, their post war years with strange adventures and a new member or two.


1977-1980: The second guest era, including both the Korvac Saga and and the point where the Guardians’ timeline diverged from the 616 timeline.



1990-1992: The Valentino years, where the team came into their own and had their own adventures in their own really entertaining title.


1992-1995: The post Valentino years, where Michael Gallagher and Kevin West blazed their own trail taking the series to it’s conclusion.


My favourite will always be the Jim Valentino era, he brought me into the series and it stills hold up. The other eras have their high points and all of them are worth having a look. In a time when the only Guardians of the Galaxy anyone remembers include a talking tree and a ill tempered raccoon, I wanted to fly the flag for the first team:

Captain Charlie-27: Last of the soldiers of Jupiter.

Martinex T’Naga: Last of the scientists of Pluto

Nicolette Gold: Young survivor of Mercury.

Yondu Udonta: Last warrior of Alpha Centauri

Aleta Ogord: Lady of Light

Starhawk: One who knows

Vance Astro: Survivor of the 20th Century.

These guys guarded the galaxy and they did it with style.

They guarded the galaxy. They entertained and inspired me, check them out, back issues or the recent reboot Guardians 3000.

Now, in case it wasn’t apparent, the Guardians of the Galaxy and all associated characters are  trademarks of Marvel Entertainment and all rights are reserved to them. No infringement is meant and this blog is simply my way of thanking Marvel for all the entertainment they have given me and so many others.

Before I go I want to say a thankyou to Al Sedano, who’s podcast about Adam Warlock, (which I mentioned in an earlier post about Podcasts, the link’ll be there) inspired me to start doing this. He deserves plenty of credit, or blame, maybe it’s blame. The person I have to thank most is my most excellent wife Rosie, without her support and encouragement, many things, including this blog, would not happen. She is my north star, when I see her, I always know where home is. Also a bit of shout out to my son Sam, for being awesome and the greater online fan/podcasting communities, keeping the flame alive for so many things we loved once and loved still.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1) 61

Guardians of the Galaxy 61 was cover dated June 1995 and was on sale in  April 1995, sharing the spinner racks with Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #1, Gunsmith Cats #1, Kill your Boyfriend #1, Loose Cannon #1, Mantra: Spear of Destiny #1 and X-Men: Omega

guardiansgalaxy61Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-01

Father, why have you forsaken me? Was written by Michael Gallagher, pencilled by Kevin West and inked by Steve Montano and opens with Starhawk being consumed by the Abrogate. He awakens in a white room, surrounded by unfamiliar beings. This is the White Room, last stop for all the wearers of the Quantum Bands. There he encounters Quasar, his father.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-02 Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-03

He tells Quasar he is leaving and asks if there is anything Quasar wants said to anyone, including any offspring. Quasar, angry for this being brought up, tells Starhawk about his offspring.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-04 Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-06

In the dying days of the War of the Worlds, Quasar and his girlfriend Kismet are trying to save as many civilians as possible, but Kismet is fatigued. Quasar’s family is gone and all that is left is Kismet, who is pregnant. Quasar decides to get Kismet to safety on the planet Vesper. The Sisters of Mercy there welcome Kismet and agree to care for her in her pregnancy, but urge Quasar to rest, he too is fatigued. He disagrees and flies off, only to fall victim to the Abrogate. He didn’t make it back to Earth, which fell to the martians and as a result be blames himself for the millions of deaths that followed. He doesn’t want to know about his child as it would make it all worse.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-08 Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-09

Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-10 Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-11

Starhawk holds his tongue, instead decides to blast out of the White Room and escape. He does this, leaving the former Quantum Band wearers alone with the plant in the middle of the table. The plant grows and shows itself to be Eon, who points out that his own son’s agenda begins to concern him.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-13 Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-15

Now aware of his parentage and having met his father, Starhawk decides to go after Kismet his mother and bring this quest to an end. He arrives at Vesper, to learn Kismet’s fate and is confronted by a robot called Pathbreaker, who is there to prevent trespassers, by destroying them.


This brings to an end the search for Quasar and it’s a bit of a damp squib of a story.

Kevin West’s art is not as great in some panels and it’s only the revelation that the Eon we met earlier was in fact the son of Eon that makes this issue of any real interest beyond the flashbacks.

This is the next to last issue and I’ll be honest, my interest has all but expired.

Back Up Feature:

The Me Nobody Knows was written by Michael Gallagher, with art by Michael Bair and opens in the planet Lem, where Talon of the Guardians of the Galaxy seeks his former mentor Krugarr, the Sorceror Supreme.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-16Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-18

Talon is there to get the amulet Krugarr took from him, to solidify his position within the Guardians. Krugarr points out that by devaluing his mind and enhancing his body, he is no longer worthy to wield it’s power. Talon disagrees until he comes face to face with his older self. The more jovial and mystically minded Talon is quickly gutted by the newer model, who still can’t use the amulet.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-19 Guardians Of The Galaxy 61-21

Shown the futility of his quest, Talon humbles himself before Krugarr, who to further bring Talon back to his former self shows him the birth of his son to Rancor. The child Talogan is born on Haven II and Talon’s rage at this leads him to try and restore the spiritual balance he once had and earn what he feels is his. Krugarr contacts the Icarus to tell Vance Astro that Talon is  undertaking a grand and glorious journey and will be gone for quite some time.


I’ll be honest I wasn’t a fan of the new and improved Talon and am glad to see both the end of his involvement in this title and the start of his journey towards redemption.

I found the art scratchy and a little inconsistent, but enjoyed it more when I saw it as a reflection of the state of mind of the characters.

Overall not a great issue, but it was nice to see something of a happy ending for Talon.

NEXT TIME: Time to go and Endgame. The Guardians of the Galaxy’s title comes to an end.


Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1) 54








Guardians of the Galaxy 54 was cover dated November 1994 and was on sale September 1994, sharing the spinner racks with Action Comics #0, Fantastic Force #1, Guy Gardner: Warrior #0, Psi-Lords #1, Timecop #1, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Yearbook #1 and X-Factor #108.


guardiansgalaxy54Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-01


The spiders of mars was written by Michael Gallagher, guest pencilled by Scott Eaton and inked by three inkers, none of which were Steve Montano and opens with Icarus orbiting the quarantined planet of Mars. There is some bickering on the bridge, including questioning of Vance by Yondu, who is still very disturbed by the idea of his god being Thanos.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-03 Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-04


As peace between the old friends is restored, the ship is attacked by Sentinels. The ship takes care of them fairly easily and the Guardians tele-port down to the surface of Mars.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-05 Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-06

Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-12 Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-14


The team find a museum for the War of the Worlds, as the aliens who attacked Earth had retreated to Mars. Vance finds a hall of fallen heroes, artifacts that have been there for over a millenium. Amongst these is the mask of Captain America, which crumbles as Vance reaches for it, to replace his lost Captain America memorabilia. At the end of the hall, they find a monument to the last to fall, Spider-Man. The display also includes his corpse, which was removed to help with plague immunisation.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-16 Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-17

The team then decides to search for Ripjak, there are two paths leading Vance to split the team. Yondu, Talon and Aleta take one path, whilst Vance, Charlie-27, Nikki and Yellowjacket take the other. Talon again butts heads with Vance over there and it’s only when Charlie steps between them, that this is ended and the teams split up.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-19 Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-20

Yondu’s team is being observed, just as the whole team was as they arrived. As Talon becomes more animal like, he can smell someone and heads off, the other two following. Their target, the armoured Ripjak, waits for them, they will be the next to die at his hands.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-21 Guardians Of The Galaxy 54-22

Notes: Now we’re very much inside the Ripjak saga which will take up this and the next four issues and is the last big story before the title’s end.

With a guest penciller and three guest inkers, the art is a little inconsistent as are the character’s looks and it would normally be a problem, but the tone matches the art and it all seems to work out.

The cracks are starting to show in Vance’s leadership and at least three of his team get on his back for his actions in this issue alone.

We have more mention of Yondu’s spiritual crisis and there’s also the start of Starhawk’s quest to learn his true history.

We’ve had FF villains, Avengers and mentions of the X-Men, but this issue is the first real mention of Spider-Man. Of all the heroes in the Marvel Universe, the one you would expect to last beyond the rest is Spider-Man, he’d never give up and would keep fighting long after it would cost him his life.

This mention of plague immunisation plays into the Ripjak story later.

The atmospheric nature of the story, makes it a bit like a horror story in space, I liked that idea, very Dr Who.

The design of Ripjak is…. not what I was expecting.


NEXT TIME: Guardians of the Galaxy vs Ripjak

Galactic Guardians 2 of 4

Galactic Guardians 2 was cover dated August 1994 and was on sale June 1994, sharing the spinner racks with Aquaman #1, Deadpool #1, Ironman 2020 #1, Judge Dredd #1, Machine Man 2020#1 and Superboy Annual #1.


I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night was written by Michael Gallagher, drawn by Kevin West and inked by Steve Montano and opens with Silverback battling Woden on the Bifrost bridge. After a brief fight, Woden decides to move the fight to Earth and is followed by Silverback.

_20150719_210200 _20150719_210226

Back on Mainframe’s world, Martinex is rejoined by replica, who is holding a peace of the creature from inside Mainframe’s internal systems, which now seems to be infecting her. She changes shape in panic and Martinex rushes to get her to the Med-Lab facility after asking Phoenix to power it up.

_20150719_210302 _20150719_210338

In orbit, Firelord has encountered an almost liquid being calling himself Hazmat who bathes Firelord in some kind of extra dimensional chemical. Firelord is struck down by it and is only saved by the arrival of the Spirit of Vengeance.

_20150719_210446 _20150719_210520

On Earth, the battle between Silverback and Woden increases in ferocity and they battle through the Scorched Zone in North America, which is noticed by the President of the Northern Territories, Tarin and her VP Old Redd. The battle then moves into the water and they are both attacked by some mutated sea-creature which is big enough to see them both simply as food.

_20150719_210655 _20150719_210732

On Neptune, Hollywood is punching his way through the planet to work off his anger at the Vision. Their argument is interrupted by the crash landing of an escape pod. Inside is a diminutive blue man calling himself Savant who quickly absorbs the knowledge and skills of both Hollywood and the Mainframe built body of the Vision. Savant wakes them up, with only the physical skills and emotions left and they start to battle one another.

_20150719_210801 _20150719_210820

_20150719_210906 _20150719_210958

Back on Mainframe’s world, Martinex tries to help both Firelord and the increasingly angry Replica, but to little avail. Then Replica falls to the ground and starts to vomit up some kind of veined mass. It escapes her body and ‘stands’ before them as the Emissary of Extinction, Ganglian.

_20150719_211019 _20150719_211117

_20150719_211142 _20150719_211200

To be continued.



This was a better issue, more stuff happened and the feeling or urgency was increased. Introducing the villains and splitting the team up into smaller groups does give this whole comic a bit of a silver age feel to it.

The art is better also, Martinex looks back in his old multi-facet look and the art on Replica and Ganglian is particularly impressive.

Mainframe’s world is once more called Klaatu and his interaction with Hollywood does feel quite sibling.

The villains introduced are all working for some big bad who is not mentioned and it does explain why they are all working against the Guardians like this, making far more sense than whatever reason the Galactic Guardians have.

The idea of Skrulls shapeshifting when they panic is an interesting one, which makes a lot of sense, given that it’s their primary form of defense.

Ganglian makes a great last page reveal, despite most characters in this series being alien, most are the traditional humanoid type and to see such an odd looking creature is actually quite welcome.

The first issue sort of put me off, but this has brought me back in and am glad of it.

NEXT TIME: Part 3 The Big Bad revealed.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1) 41

Guardians of the Galaxy 41 was cover dated October 1993 and was on sale August 1993, sharing the spinner racks with Adventures of Superman #505, Dark Guard #1, Golden Age #1, Prototype #1, Superman #82 and Thunderstrike #1.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-00c Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-01

To Err is Inhuman was written by Michael Gallagher, pencilled by Kevin West and inked by Steve Montano and opens with Composite, the amalgam inhuman from last issue being followed by Talon, who is spotted and attacked by Composite. Meanwhile the Guardians of the Galaxy, fearing for Talon teleport to his signal and find only his badge.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-02 Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-03

Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-06 Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-07

Aleta as Starhawk has abandoned the team and is in battle with Loki and while she is powerful enough to give him trouble, he is sneakier and tricks her into a trap. After a search, the Guardians find Talon who is under the power of Phobia, one of the new Inhumans from earlier issues. Talon is screaming at the hallucinations Phobia can cause. The rest of the team is attacked by each of the inhumans. Charlie-27 has his mind fogged by Stupor, Imprint nearly burns his hand off trying to burn through Nikki’s skin and Wormhole appears to teleport Yellowjacket away. Charlie is his almost drunk-like state even punches Vance Astro halfway across the tunnel. It’s only by Nikki using her hair to put a wall of flame between the two groups that anyone gets out of there.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-09 Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-11

Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-13 Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-14


Aleta wakes up on Bifrost, the rainbow bridge to Asgard and is woken by Heimdall, she stands and notices Stakar as Starhawk standing before her, in blinding rage, she blasts him with all her might, succeeding only in smashing open the gates of Asgard. Wormhole teleports to Bifrost along with the rest of the Inhuman attack force and Stakar reveals himself to be Loki. Aleta has just unwittingly started the invasion of Asgard.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-17 Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-18

Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-19 Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-20


There is a continued subplot of Mephisto searching for Malevolence and the Protege, but that will become more important in subsequent issues.  Asgard, at peace without Loki’s interference has seemed to become lax in security and pose little resistance to Loki’s attack, but all Loki cares about is the appearance of his greatest rival and enemy, the mighty Thor. You can see shock in his face, when he sees what has happened to the former Avenger.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-21 Guardians Of The Galaxy 41-22

Notes: This issue wastes no time getting to the action and doesn’t let up till the surprise ending.

I would question how good a plan invading a world of gods with 5 guys and a sorcerer is, but am sure Loki knows what he is doing.

I want to see drunk Charlie-27 again.

Once again we have good use of subplots to set up future stories, which is great for a serialised fiction.

One last thought, Thor with middle age spread, not what I was expecting.


Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1) 32

Guardians of the Galaxy 32 was cover dated January 1993 and was on sale November 1992, sharing the spinner racks with Batman: The Blue, the Grey and the Bat #1, Doom 2099 #1, Justice League America #70, Stryfe’s Strike File #1, Superman #75 and X-Force #18.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-00cGuardians Of The Galaxy 32-01

We who are about to die salute you was written by Michael Gallagher, pencilled by Kevin West and inked by Steve Montano and opens with Nikki and Talon being attacked by Charlie-27 in retaliation for her attack on him last issue. Charlie overpowers Nikki after accidentally knocking Talon out and in response Nikki pushes her flame/hair into Charlie’s face.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-03 Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-04

Back in the 31st Century, the Retox gang torture Tarin to get the information about the destruction of the Saltex refinery in the Bronx, meanwhile Dr Doom tells Rancor and her lieutenants his role in Realitee-Vee. It’s revealed that the Badoon’s involvement, the Punishers creation and Realitee-Vee itself was all the plan of Doom.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-05 Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-14

Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-15 Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-07


Doom forces Rancor’s assistance is restoring Realitee-Vee by addicting her and her team to Realitee-Vee itself and as a sweetener, gives her the broken claw of Wolverine lost in issue 23’s battle with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Back in the 20th Century Captain America and Vance ‘Major Victory’ Astro meet with Doctor Strange and he agrees to help Vance get to Moord, once Strange realises that Vance has met Strange’s older self.

On Moord, Charlie-27 arrives at the arena and faces L’Matto. Nikki’s attack on Charlie has cost him the hair on his head, but nothing else and he is ready to meet his opponent. He is unprepared for Captain Universe, who begins to pummel Charlie visciously.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-11 Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-12

Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-16 Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-17

Nikki and Talon have at some point been strapped to their chairs and are facing the screen watching Charlie take on L’Matto, but are blasted from behind by the unseen stowaway.  Vance and Doctor Strange travel through the Dark Dimension and run across some of the Mindless Ones and after blinding them to escape appear over Moord. Charlie is doing well against L’Matto, but he really has no chance, fists have failed, he tries a gun, the gun fails and he tries Yondu’s dagger. The Badoon is interested in the dagger, but is ready to kill Charlie before analysing the weapon. Vance and Strange appear just as Charlie is about to be slain…To be continued.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-18 Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-19

Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-21  Guardians Of The Galaxy 32-22

Notes: Whilst in-team conflict is often a good thing in comics, for me it just seems like the previous writer spent months bringing the team together and then the new writers just throws a hang grenade into the mix. That said, seeing how much of a pounding that Charlie-27 can take reminds you how tough he is and the bald look stays for a while.

Again it’s mentioned by the Badoon that Charlie-27 is a Jovian,  a race that as yet doesn’t exist. That’s two issues now where that’s just washed over.

Dr Strange only helps Vance because he knows he’ll still be around in over a thousand years, which is dubious reasoning to be honest.

Vance hands a disk to Captain America to give to the 616 version of Vance Astrovik, who at this point is in prison for the negligent homicide of his abusive father, this story was detailed in recent issues of New Warriors. It’s not really relevant to this series, but worth noting.

Dr Doom is awesome in this comic, as arrogant and scheming as he has ever been, he’s now seasoned by the centuries that have passed and far more in control. He has Rancor’s people by the throat and Rancor at bay for the moment and just accepts that it’s how it should be. Of all the things in this series that Michael Gallagher took time to get, Doom is not one of them.

The cliffhanger here leads into next issues climax of the Badoon Homeworld story and it’s only getting better.

Next Time: What happened to Starhawk.


Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1) 31

Guardians of the Galaxy 31 was cover dated December 1992 and was on sale October 1992, sharing the  spinner racks with Fast Forward #1, New Warriors #30, Ravage 2099, Spectre #1, Timber Wolf #1 and X-Force #17.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-00c Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-01

Prelude to a Kill was written by Michael Gallagher, pencilled by Kevin West and inked by Steve Montano and opens with Captain America and Major Victory enjoying a sparring session with Cap being very clear that he believes himself ready for anything Vance can throw at him. Dr Druid tells them of the risk of chronological chaos that would result from their shields touching, since their shields are the same object from different timelines (no I didn’t get that either) and puts a polarising spell the two shields to prevent them from touching.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-03 Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-04

On Drydock, Nikki, Charlie-27 and Talon have learned that the Badoon have learned that they are on their way and offer an alternative to all out war. The crew wonders how the Badoon knew they were coming and how they know exactly where to send the transmissions to. Even if Vance warned the Badoon that the Guardians were coming, he had no way of telling them when or even what course they’d take. The team wonders where Starhawk is and wish he were with them.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-05 Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-06

Inside Starhawk, Stakar and Aleta talk about their situation. Aleta promises to stop fighting, as long as Stakar admits that all she’s seen since being reabsorbed, the Hawkgod, her children were all illusions to weaken her resolve. Stakar admits, hoping to end this fight. It does as now devoid of mercy and sympathy Aleta strikes Stakar down and he simply screams.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-08 Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-15

But this is a comic about the 31st Century, so lets see what’s happening there. The Commandeers are defeated and tortured to death by the Retox gang who want Realitee-Vee restored as they are suffering addiction withdrawl, only Old Redd and Tarin are left. In Latveria Doctor Doom suffers the wrath of Rancor, for about a second before he encases her head in an airtight forcefield before telling her lieutenants that he doesn’t want her dead, but wants their help in also restoring Realitee-Vee. He releases Rancor, who decides to bide her time before taking her revenge.


Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-12Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-13

Back in the 20th Century, Cap and Vance run rooftops in New York to get to Dr Strange’s townhouse, so that Vance can return to Drydock and resolve his issues with the Guardians. The Guardians are having new issues now as the Brother Royal of the Badoon talks to them and offers a deal, one on one combat with an appointed champion. If the Guardians win, Moord is theirs and their homeworld’s devastation can be stopped before it starts, if their chosen member loses, the Badoon take Drydock and all of it’s weapons. The team agree once they are given the location of the Brotherhood’s hatchery, feeling they are on the level, the Guardians agree then spend the rest of the issue fighting amongst themselves to see who is to do the fighting on the Guardians behalf.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-18 Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-19

The Badoon have one more trick up their sleeve as L’Matto, the Badoon from the last issue walks into the Brother Royal’s chambers and we see why the Badoon like this plan, L’Matto is possess by the power of Captain Universe.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-20 Guardians Of The Galaxy 31-22

Notes: Captain Universe is the construct of the Uni-power a sentient power source that possesses random people in the universe and gives them powers as needed. The first comic where that happened was Micronauts #8 from August 1979. He has appeared several times since, at one point possessing Spider-Man, another was one of Star Lord’s team from Annihilation Conquest and the current Captain Universe is part of the Avengers.

The fact that the Guardians of the Galaxy are in the traditional marvel universe (called 616) and not their own is still puzzling to me. After Marvel Two in One 69, the timeline’s split off after Vance Astrovik didn’t become an astronaut, leading to him not travelling to Alpha Centauri.

There is a mistake of sorts when discussing the situation with the challenge, Talon points out that the Badoon already know how to deal with Mercurians and Jovians, but not Inhumans. This isn’t right, since Mercurians and Jovians won’t exists in the Guardians timeline for 600-700 years and there’s no reason that they will exist in the 616 universe as explained above.

Seeing Captain America and Major Victory together is visually confusing, both wearing the same costume nearly and using the same shield as a weapon, but you can clearly see Vance’s hero worship of Cap as he listens. Gallagher’s Cap is a little preachy though.

The stow-away subplot continues.

This is the first appearance of Retox and they don’t get less annoying, but serve a purpose later on.

All Hail DOOM!

Dr Druid is in this issue and I can honestly not tell you why or even where the magic comes from, I’ve always seen him as a psychic character and not a mystical one, if you need a mystical one, use Dr Strange, who is in the next issue.

Over all I like this comic and it is starting to get better.





Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1) 30

Guardians of the Galaxy 30 was cover dated November 1992 and on sale in September 1992, sharing the spinner racks with Batman Adventures #1, Daredevil #310, Darkstars #1, Excalibur #56, Eclipso #1 and Spider-Man 2099 #1.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-00cGuardians Of The Galaxy 30-01

Arguing a called Strike was inked as always by Steve  Montano, but this issue started Michael Gallagher on full scripting duties and the new penciller of Kevin West. The story opens with the team arguing over their reason for being in the 20th Century, a pre-emptive strike on the Brotherhood of the Badoon, 1,000 years before their attack on the solar system and the genocide that followed. Vance is clearly against this and as a result, the team leaves him behind and leaves orbit in Drydock, course set for the Brotherhood homeworld of Moord. Onboard, the remainder of the team wonder how things are going in the 31st Century.

In answer to that, Rancor and her lieutenants are being held somewhere in eastern Europe (*cough* Latveria) after being held for several weeks, by a familiar looking figure in grey armour and green robes, a person Shaddo believes has been dead for centuries.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-05 Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-06

On 20th Century Earth, Vance signals the Badoon, but sends no message. He wants to prevent the genocide Starhawk and Charlie-27 have planned, but can’t bring himself to hurt his team. But by sending the beam at all, something journeys to Moord ahead of Drydock.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-08 Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-09

On board, the team is arguing about the attack and Nikki goes over the events of her childhood and Starhawk and Aleta battle for control of their shared form and Charlie tells them to leave, before the ship is destroyed.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-10 Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-11

Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-12 Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-13


This ends all dissent and the team are united in their desire to wipe out the Badoon. Inside Drydock, there is a stow-away.

On Moord, the signal and it’s passenger arrive and latch onto a Badoon radio operator called L’Matto, changing him forever and just maybe the universe itself.  Only the passenger arrives though, the signal contains no information as Vance cancelled the call as soon as L’Matto went down, not knowing the damage is already done.

In the 31st Century, the Comandeers have broken the remnants of the Punishers, but rumours of a new faction called Retox, addicted to RTV that was destroyed in issue 20. Tarin and Old Redd lament the absence of Hollywood and the Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-15Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-20


Later on, the Badoon contact the cloaked Drydock and demand to speak to it’s captain Charlie heads for the bridge. In Avengers Mansion, Vance is wandering around and mentions out loud to no one in particular that he wishes he could speak to Captain America. A hand rests on his shoulders and Captain America stands before him. To be continued.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-21 Guardians Of The Galaxy 30-22

Notes: Kevin West and Steve Montano are the regular art team pretty much till the comic ends, with the exception of annuals and fill ins, but their look for the characters define the rest of the Guardians tales until the title’s cancellation. His is a different style to Valentino, but it’s clean and pleasant to the eye and remains consistent.

Doctor Mutha-F*@#in’ Doom is in this issue, this series just got better.

Talon is now wearing his hair in a pony tail, which to be honest does sort of work for a character who leaps about so much and West’s look of the character is better than Valentino’s in my opinion.

There is a great panel with the team as it looked in the first issue, showcasing both West’s take on the team as it was, plus how much every character has changed visually since then.

The stow-away plot is resolved in a couple of months, but had my interest from the start.

It is great to see the Badoon again and the fate of L’Matto is revealed in the next issue.

Next Time:  The Guardians vs the Guardians and the plans of the Badoon.