Feelings on a Friday 16: Validation

A Munky on Merseyside

Hi ho internet people.

This has been a tough week, few late starts, few late nights, not the fun kind sadly. But I have a smile on my face today. Had a great weekend with the boy, (the Mighty Rosie was away at a company retreat) went out for lunch on saturday, bought him a basketball to go with his new basketball hoop in the back yard (which I recently started to weed again) and we spent a good hour or so, in the sun, playing hoops. The pride he felt when he got one in was palpable and when he got three more in, my heart swelled with pride so much it affected my centre of gravity. We watch Justice League: New Frontier before bed and it was a fun little day. (Why New Frontier? Apart from it’s general awesome-ness, it has super-heroes punching dinosaurs, now who can deny…

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Episode 27: The Amazing Spider-Man #366 — 90’s Comics Retrial

Back when host Nathaniel Wayne covered issue #365 in episode 19, that ended with the surprise reveal that Spidey’s long dead parents are in fact alive. Time to find out how that happened and what mysterious villain is involved! Oh wait, he’s right there on the cover. Twice in fact. Nevermind, we can go home […]

via Episode 27: The Amazing Spider-Man #366 — 90’s Comics Retrial

The Mighty Rosie

A Munky on Merseyside

My 8th Wedding Anniversary today. 8 years since she became mine and I became her’s (officially, I was her’s long before that)

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster, ups, downs and dramatic moments and yet, it’s been the best time of my life, bar none.

She is my northern star, whenever I see her, I know where home is, she is also my sun, the center of my world and the source of light and life for me. She is my best friend, my double act partner and my staunchest defender. I say things like I can’t imagine my life without her, but the sad fact is, I’m an imaginative guy, so I have a good idea. I would be miserable, broken, alone, bereft of love and purpose. An easy phrase for a geek like me, would be that she is my Lois Lane (easy to say, she’s…

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Feelings on a Friday 15: Back on my feet

A Munky on Merseyside

Hello internet people

Friday is here and the weekend looms.

Y’know what, after a few mixed weeks, I feel that things are beginning to pick up.

Family-wise, things have just got interesting, my brother’s wife is expecting, giving my mother and father their 2nd grandchild. While I hover between being happy for the pair (knowing how much parenthood has enhanced my life) and mildly indifferent, my brother has been mostly absent from my life since my battle with depression began three years ago. The thing of it is, it brought up a load of baggage of feeling over-looked by a more lively sibling years earlier. Damage is done with me, my fear is that my son’s doting grandmother, will over-look him for this new grandchild. Maybe that’s irrational, maybe that’s nonsense, but I no longer bottle up this s**t. So after years of not telling people what I think or…

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Munky Musings on a Miserable Monday 2: Find your Five

A Munky on Merseyside

It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks I’ll be honest. Crap from all sides, no end of stress in sight, the worst part of it was it made having two days off last week from work, a bad thing. WTF? When did time off become a bad thing? Had some time off with my boy on Wednesday, we did a shop around town and then a trip to the world museum in Liverpool, not to be mistaken for the museum of Liverpool. Back to work on Thursday and a horrible day was had there. What made matters worse was that my water bottle leaked inside my gym back, ruining my phone, card reader and a dozen comics I had in my bag, so that told you what my day was like, the next day I was told I eat too loudly in work, yup, I have that kind…

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My Marvel Life Presents: A-Z of Comic Stuff Part 2: B

Featured Image -- 3324

My Marvel Life 1980


B is for Beast:

dr hank mccoy-first appearance-beast-you had one job-dante ross-danterants-blogspot-com

Dr Henry (Beast) McCoy first appeared in X-Men no 1 back in September 1963 as part of the first group of X-Men students and has been here and there in the marvel universe pretty much from then.


Born of Edna and Norton McCoy, Hank is a mutant, born with an X-gene which caused mutation, giving him enhanced strength and agility as well as increasing his dexterity. When he was in his late teens, he was recruited by Professor Charles Xavier, who trained him in the use of these phyiscal talents as well as further his more traditional education. After leaving the team, he went to college, then got his doctorate in bio-chemistry, making him one of the few X-Men graduates who have marketable skills outside being an X-Man. Escaping his super-heroic lifestyle, he got a job at the Brand Corporation as a research scientist. Here he…

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Munky Musings on a Miserable Monday

A Munky on Merseyside

Hey there internet people.

Been a while, have felt the need to withdraw from blogging for a week or two, to clarify what I want this blog to be and what I want to put in it, to be honest I still have little idea, which is why the subtitle of this blog is Random Musings of a Liverpool Loon, random seems to be as good an idea as any.

Life seems no easier than before, but then again, I suppose I do not expect it to be. After a week or more of the great reorganisation regarding my comics and graphic novels, I have started again to enjoy my hobby. Anyone with a collector in their lives know how they can do this grand reorganisation thing, losing themselves in the cataloguing and organising of their treasured items. The argument could be made that I have too many, but comic…

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Thinking Thoughts on a Thursday

A Munky on Merseyside

Been a hard week, really hard, too hard it feels at the moment.

Work’s a nightmare, family stuff as always and my wife (The Mighty Rosie)’s health worries and an unpleasant conversation or two in work. It’s easy to look at things and feel bad.

I know this, because that’s how I’ve been this week. I felt the demons that I spent 2016 trying to escape grabbing hold of me again and it was both terrifying and demoralising in equal measure. But I am ok. I’m not great, not good, not well, but ok. Last year, this would have been a backslide, but the way I see it, it’s been one bad week out of 20 or so, that’s not too bad is it?

Last weekend we bought a sofa, brand new and outright, a first for us without going to the cheap end, we are heading towards better things…

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Feelings on a Friday 14: I think I am going to be ok, not yet, but it’s coming

A Munky on Merseyside

It’s been a week and a half at work, have spent most of this week stressed and tired, or not sleeping and stressed. I had 12 minutes of lunch on wednesday, which got me into trouble because I ‘Took an hour and a half off on the busiest day’, well the time off was for therapy, so there’s that. I can see the point, I really can, they didn’t know it was only 12 minutes, they assumed it was 42 minutes most likely and felt I was taking the piss, I was angry at the time, but have made the time up from that day and there are more things to give a shit about.

Therapy itself was good, am letting go of some of the unnecessary stuff in my past, other people’s expectation, my own sense of failure and all that. Truth is, you can’t fail at something that…

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