Feelings on a Friday 20: Long Week, but a good one

A Munky on Merseyside

Hi there all.

It’s been a long and tiring week, with gym, college and a somewhat awkward parents evening. (When the teacher says she feels like she’s being attacked, maybe you’ve come on too strong) Work is mental, but well within what I am capable of handling.

The weekend fast approaches and it yet, it still feels a long way away, every feels like so much more of an effort to do anything. So the easy thing is to be unhappy, or down or one of the other things that get in the way of enjoying life, instead though I am going to find my five. Five positives from this week, that will keep the positivity I am trying to foster going a bit longer.

1: My son is doing really well in school, his marks were all in the excellent category.

2: Boss was away today,which was nice.


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Feelings on Friday 19: I can see happy from here, like in the distance

A Munky on Merseyside

Hey there internet people.

This week has been one of harsh truths, harsh words and the realisation that the battle remains uphill. Last week (    ) I mentioned losing my shit with my son. I won’t lie am ashamed of that. It led to a distance between my wife and I, which could only be crossed by emotional open-ness and objective assessment of how I feel. I like neither of those things.

Words were shared, tears were shed, but I feel better for it all. We got out of the habit of sharing our confusion, so if I haven’t know what to say, I’ve said nowt. This is frustrating to all how care about me.

The Truth, in its unpleasantness is that I am still struggling, not to battle my depression, but overcome it, to live the life that I deserve to be able to live. I’m coping, not thriving…

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My Marvel Life Presents: A-Z of Comic Stuff Part 3 : C

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My Marvel Life 1980

C is for Cylops


Scott ‘Slim’ Summers first appeared alongside the Beast (see last post) in X-Men 1 back in 1963 and has been there ever since.

Scott was the first son of Christopher (Corsair) Summers and his wife Catherine and has one brother called Alex (more on him later) there have been retcons, but were ARE NOT DISCUSSING VULCAN……

Ok, got a little off track there, on a flight in the family plane, Alex and Scott were shoved out with a parachute as the plane was going down. The boys lost their parents in the crash (or what turned out to be an alien abduction, yeah, that’s a thing that happened) and the boys were put up for adoption/fostering. While Alex was taken in by a family and until around 18 or so had a fairly regular upbringing, Scott was less lucky. Raised in an orphanage run by a…

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Feelings on a Friday 18: A Trivial Golden Age

A Munky on Merseyside

I am an unrepentant geek, I have comics by my feet, a comics tee-shirt next to them and an obscure comic character on my right arm. These are facts.

I am also very aware of the golden age of geekery we are living in. There are 7 big screen comic book movies this year. Yeah, that’s right 7. DC comics have 5 network shows that aren’t animated. Plus two vertigo based ones, marvel have one too, plus 3 excellent netflix series.

That’s a lot of new content, but the reason I call this a golden age isn’t that. It’s the sense of nostalgia. Think of a famous cartoon from your childhood, think of a list of them. Now, from that list deduct any that haven’t had a dvd release, TV reboot or movie remake. Shorter list isn’t it?

On YouTube, you can watch old cartoons, or videos about them. Last…

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Feelings on a Friday 17: Only Forward

A Munky on Merseyside

My Wednesday writing course was cancelled for this week, in place of it, my wife (The Mighty Rosie) and I went to dinner by ourselves, a rare treat. I would love to say we enjoyed it. The food was terrible and we were both not in a fantastic head space. My wife then went into a long conversation about me not being happy and what I should be doing, or am not doing. It’s not a great feeling, when you think you are doing ok and then you’re told you are not. It’s deflating to say the least.

It came from a place of love and her trying to help, nothing she said could be fact checked into being entirely wrong, but it did sort of feel like having my flaws and lack of personal growth just being listed. Are harsh truths necessary? Yes. Do they help? Often. Did I…

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Talking on a Terrible Tuesday 2: Sisyphus and the huge f***ing rock of positivity

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A Munky on Merseyside

Hey there internet people

I am being positive today, taking everything in my stride and doing all I can to remain the smile on my face. It was a suggestion by my wife (The MIGHTY Rosie) as she is currently being the positive light her under-morale staff are flocking around. I’ll be honest, being positive is difficult.

My wheelhouse is more of the pessimistic optimist. I expect things to go badly and when it doesn’t, am pleased as punch. Sadly that doesn’t look too cheerful from the outside. I envy the perky people in the world, with the same passion I once hated them.

Work is a nightmare at the moment and as a result, am not going to think about it right now. Instead am going to look at the things that made me smile this weekend.

On Saturday, my little boy (the Irrepressible 6 year old, if you…

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Feelings on a Friday 16: I need this blog to a bit more silly and a lot more geeky

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A Munky on Merseyside

Happy humpday internet people.

Having ranted like a troll yesterday, wanted to be a more light-hearted munky today. Saw this on twitter and have decided to put this on here, because it’s my blog and I felt like it.


I am aware that it says 30 day, but once I looked, started answering the question.

1: First Superhero you saw.

First I remember were the X-Men

2: Fave Superhero show.

Justice League Unlimited

3: Fave Superhero Movie.

I go back and forth, but currently, Deadpool

4:Fave Superhero Movie.

Always been a Marvel guy.

5: Fave Superhero (Male)

Hard to beat Superman

6: Fave Superhero (Female)

Squirrel Girl

7: Fave Superhero Comic

All time? X-Men

Currently? Action Comics

8: Superhero Crush

Powergirl (What? I’m a boob-man)

9: Best Supervillain.

Doctor Doom

10: Fave Superhero couple

Abigail Brand and the Beast

11: Saddest Superhero Scene

Loss of Kitty Pryde…

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Talking on a Terrible Tuesday

A Munky on Merseyside

Hey there internet people.

My son’s 6th birthday was saturday just gone, but not his birthday, that was weeks ago. When everyone is well, the worst part of the parenting experience isn’t the lack of sleep, the inability to do what you want whenever or any of that. It’s other parents and when you sort a party out for your boy, you have to invite his friends, hence parents. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, it’s stressful, but when it works, you’re a champion.

Saturday, my wife (The MIGHTY Rosie) and I were champions, we did a morning party in Spring city, which is a trampoline and air bag place, where kids bounce around for an hour. Still a bit too heavy for it, I gave me ticket to my sister in law, who went from her early 30’s to 7 in less than a second. Everyone had loads of fun, the…

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Feelings on a Friday 16: Validation

A Munky on Merseyside

Hi ho internet people.

This has been a tough week, few late starts, few late nights, not the fun kind sadly. But I have a smile on my face today. Had a great weekend with the boy, (the Mighty Rosie was away at a company retreat) went out for lunch on saturday, bought him a basketball to go with his new basketball hoop in the back yard (which I recently started to weed again) and we spent a good hour or so, in the sun, playing hoops. The pride he felt when he got one in was palpable and when he got three more in, my heart swelled with pride so much it affected my centre of gravity. We watch Justice League: New Frontier before bed and it was a fun little day. (Why New Frontier? Apart from it’s general awesome-ness, it has super-heroes punching dinosaurs, now who can deny…

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Episode 27: The Amazing Spider-Man #366 — 90’s Comics Retrial

Back when host Nathaniel Wayne covered issue #365 in episode 19, that ended with the surprise reveal that Spidey’s long dead parents are in fact alive. Time to find out how that happened and what mysterious villain is involved! Oh wait, he’s right there on the cover. Twice in fact. Nevermind, we can go home […]

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