Feelings on a Friday 27: Positivity is Exhausting

A Munky on Merseyside

Hello there internet people.

Forgive my absence, beyond my usual weightloss posts. I have been neglecting this blog somewhat recently, unsure what to write about or say. I suppose I still not sure.

So here are some random ramblings.

Work is work, stressful and frustrating, but ultimately, things seem to be going well. My gym sessions are going full pelt as well. Started bench-pressing again after a gap of over 12  years. I’m even begun to enjoy my weekly therapy sessions. It’s amazing when you have people on your side. Speaking of people on my side, after an overnight stay at his grandmother’s my son came home last night, it’s weird when he’s away mid-week, missed him terribly. Last night he told me that I was the perfect dad. I had to fight that instinct to tell him he’s wrong, but I was too busy tearing up. The moments between…

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My Marvel Life Presents part 8- H

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My Marvel Life 1980

H is for Havok


As anyone who has read anything I have written knows, I gravitate to the lesser known and lesser appreciated characters, the downtrodden, the put-upon and no one exemplifies that like Alex Summers, the man called Havok.

First appearing in X-Men 54 during Neal Adams’ famed run, Alex was revealed as Cyclops’ brother who was adopted and as a result had a fairly well adjusted up bringing. Then he was reuinited with his brother, learned he was a mutant and then started the process of his life consistently turning to shit.


Havok’s power set is the production of high-energy plasma blast powered by back-ground cosmic radiation, a power that he often needs help controlling. The visual effect/signature of this is large concentric circles as well as lighting up sections of containment suits.


The actual story of Alex Summers is a shopping list of misfortune. He meets his…

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Slimming World Saturday 5 – So close

A Munky on Merseyside


That’s my loss for this week, 1 sodding pound. It’s hard to feel so positive, but I recognise that as the critical parent ego state shitting on my success and trying to turn it into failure.

It’s not a failure, it is deferred success. I am 1lb away from the 2 stone mark. More variety in my foods and more speed foods and I will bounce back. Besides the MIGHTY Rosie and I both had a loss, so today will go down as a win, just not a comfortable win.

As ever, we move forward.

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My Marvel Life Presents A-Z Part 7 – G

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My Marvel Life 1980

G is for Guyver


Guyver is the main character in the Japanese Manga series Bio Booster Armour Guyver, which began in 1986 and was written and drawn by Yoshiki Takaya and has been adapted into an animated movie, two anime series and two US based feature films. Guyver is Sho Fukamachi a high-school student who is accidentally bonded to a symbiotic bio-armour unit. He can summon the armour at will to battle the Zoanoids (half man/half animal monsters genetically engineered by the Chronos corporation.

Guyver as a character is a comination of Iron Man, Spider-Man and Green Lantern and his horror at the things he experiences lends him to be a  very relatable character. Reluctant to the point of whining, there is no gung-ho jingoism or celebration, this ‘hero’ is living through a horror story.  The reason I mentioned Guyver is mainly because he was my gateway into Manga and…

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February 1984: Iron Man 1982 – Or maybe don’t asked Rhodey to help with landscaping?

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My Marvel Life 1980


Synopsis: Iron Man 182 was written by the legendary Denny O’Neil with pencils by Luke McDonnell and inks by Steve Mitchell and opens on a drunk and homeless Tony Stark being warned by some helpful police officers about a cold front coming in. Tony is only concerned with one of his fellow winos, a lady called Gretyl. She’s missing and he is determined, even in his delirious state to find her. He’s also out of booze, so he sells his last possession, his overcoat to afford a strong bottle of  booze to keep him ‘warm’. He’s at his lowest point, no longer believing himself worth saving, worth living, he has lost everything and he is drinking himself to an early grave.


He finds Gretyl, who is heavily pregnant and does everything he can do, to keep her safe and warm. She turns down the drink he offers and he…

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Talking on a Terrible Tuesday 5: Hope

A Munky on Merseyside

Right wing loonies seem to be in power everywhere, the world is being pulled in different directions by the greedy, the self centred and the stupid. The news brings bad news every single day and more and more we think that we are looking at the worst this world has to offer being considered the norm.

If that is all you can see. That’s sad, because it’s very easy to fall into that deep pit of misery. Please don’t. Because I can see something that maybe overlooked by many people. The people themselves. When the recent US immigration muslim ban went into effect, the first thing I saw was outrage. Then people talking, people protesting and even lawyers, offering pro-bono aid for people affected.

When a visit from current US president, was announced, immediately the people signed a petition to have it called off, 1.27 million at last count. Our…

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