A Major Bargain

Was in the Disney shop today (Don’t Judge Me!) and I found this little beauty. My favourite of the Guardians of the Galaxy Major Vance Astro.

It was nice to pick this up at half the price of in a comic shop. Both me and my son were pleased that I got this.

Saw this today

As part of my usual what comics are coming out e-mail, I noticed that Marvel are releasing this today.

This is the final in their In the year 3000 line of Guardians of the Galaxy Classics TPB which covers the period from issue 51-62 which ended the original Guardians of the Galaxy series. As a long standing Guardians of the Galaxy fan, this was a nice little suprise to see.

Also available after a quick search was

As well as the other two volumes covering the Gallagher/West run. Was glad to see that this era has been well represented by Marvel’s collected edition people, that they haven’t forgotten that there was a group guarding the galaxy before Rocket met Groot.