Marvel Two-In-One 62

Marvel Two-in-One 62 was cover-dated April 1980 and went on sale January 1980, sharing the spinner racks with DC Comics Presents #20, Conan the Barbarian #109, Legion of Superheroes #262, Star Trek #1, World’s Finest #262 and X-Men #132.

MarvelTwo-in-One062-00fc MarvelTwo-in-One062-01

The Taking of Counter Earth was written by Mark Gruenwald and drawn by Jerry Bingham. And opens with The Thing taking Starhawk back to Baxter Building to recover from the attack of Moondragon and the being known as Her. With Moondragon’s ship having less than 15 minutes lead on them, the two heroes use a Skrull saucer once captured by Reed Richards, Thing’s team-mate in the Fantastic Four and give chase.



On Moondragon’s ship, Moondragon tells Her of Adam Warlock’s adventures on Counter Earth and how that led to him being buried there. When they reach Counter Earth’s location on the opposite side of the sun from Earth, they find that it’s gone. Counter Earth’s moon however, is still there and once Her changes Alicia’s clothes into a spacesuit and the three go in search of the High Evolutionary, the creator of Counter Earth.


The three find the still body of the High Evolutionary and just as they do, The Thing and Starhawk arrive and a fight ensues. Starhawk faces Her and is faring well until  he feels his wife Aleta, who shares his physical form, trying to take over. Moondragon feels she can earn Her’s respect by physically defeating the powerful Thing. As you can imagine, Moondragon fares less well. The cold and rational Starhawk can gain no ground against the equally calm Her, but when Aleta claims their sharing form, Her is caught unaware by the physical and savage attack and she is taken down. The Thing finds subduing Moondragon to be no challenge, then she tries and mindblast, toppling the Thing.


Alicia finally gets her helmet off and begins to talk sense into Moondragon and the Thing and then they all turn their attention to the body of the High Evolutionary. Moondragon senses that while his spirit is near, there is no actual body in there. Her decides she can change this and using her cosmic power, restores the body of the High Evolutionary, who recounts his physical death at the hands of an enraged Adam Warlock. Warlock is screaming over the loss of Counter Earth, but the Evolutionary sees that Counter Earth is still there. Warlock kills his old ally with the soul gem and leaves.


MarvelTwo-in-One062-15 MarvelTwo-in-One062-15bMarvelTwo-in-One062-16MarvelTwo-in-One062-17MarvelTwo-in-One062-16b


Now the High Evolutionary has been restored to a humanoid form and learns the final fate of Adam Warlock. Her tells him that she can restore him, once they find their body and the High Evolutionary learns that Counter Earth is now gone and the 6  of them all vow to find the missing planet.

Once again, more information on the high evolutionary and adam warlock can be found on resurrections: an adam warlock podcast. Found here  :

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